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    Legal Services

    If the unfortunate happens and you’re hit while riding, you’re not alone. Hundreds of cyclists are injured every year in Southern California – and many of them struggle with getting their bikes repaired and recovering damages from the motorists’ insurance company. Learn the tricks on how to do it on your own, or get a free consultation with a local injury attorney who is also a rider. On and off the bike, we need to stick together.
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    Medical Help

    Whether you are rehabbing from an injury or trying to out-climb your riding buddies, we can direct you to quality medical facilities – many of which are run by fellow cyclists! Injured on the bike? Ask how you can get no-cost medical treatment!

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    Looking for a new riding route? Want to do more group rides? Interested in learning how to protect your bike from being stolen? Check out our resource section where we list everything you want to know about the cycling community in Southern California. Have a suggestion or user submission? You can also contribute here!
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    A Summary of Southern California Bicycle Road Laws

    What you need to know
    A vast majority of motorists and novice cyclists aren’t up to date on the laws controlling cyclists on the roadways, which oftentimes lead to road rage, hot tempers, and collisions. Get to know what local laws have to say about your favorite routes so you can be on the right side of the law.

    Cyclists involved in collisions with vehicles are often investigated regarding compliance with local ordinances – make sure you’re up-to-date on your rights to ride on the road before it’s too late!
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    San Diego is the premiere location for cyclists – the intermingling of the beautiful shorelines, easy access to the mountains and expansive deserts. Our mission is to keep you on the bike for fun and safe enjoyment in America’s Finest City!
    ~ SCBA Owner/Rider
    Joshua Bonnici