The sport of road cycling is one of the most popular sports and hobbies in the world – however, it is also one of the most dangerous. Collisions involving cars and bicycles are ever increasing, with tensions between motorists and riders heating up. Roads are getting smaller and traffic is becoming more congested; leaving riders more vulnerable to tired and stressed drivers.

Attorney Joshua Bonnici (center), Managing Attorney of Bonnici Law Group, APC

No one knows and understands this better than attorney, Joshua Bonnici. Joshua has been riding his mountain bike since his teenage years, and now also rides the streets of San Diego on his road bike. Joshua also experienced first-hand how a serious bicycle accident can affect a family, when his father suffered a traumatic brain injury after crashing on his bicycle in 1999.

Drivers are aggressive, unaware of applicable bicycle lane-sharing laws, and often assume riders are always in the wrong. Don’t let them badger you on and off the road. Get experienced legal help.

Beyond being an avid rider, Joshua has been helping and representing injured San Diegans for nearly 8 years. He has won many awards (including Best Litigation Firm of 2015 by the readers poll of The Union Tribune), authored numerous articles, was featured on ESPN 1700AM Radio, and frequently lectures on injury litigation in San Diego. Joshua has also been featured in both The Union Tribune and UpTown News for his work as a Bicycle Law Advocate and a San Diego Bike Crash Lawyer.


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The most common questions we are asked are:

  • How will my medical bills get paid?
  • What to do after a Bike-Share crash or accident?
  • Who will pay the costs to replace or repair my bike?
  • What if I can’t work? Who will compensate me for lost wages?
  • If I was injured, who is responsible to compensate me for my injury?


We can help if you have been:

  • Struck by a car, truck, bus, taxi, or other vehicle
  • Doored by a car or Taxi
  • Injured as a result of a pot hole, street plate, man hole cover, or other street hardware defects
  • Injured as a result of blocked or obstructed bike lane
  • Injured while working as a bike messenger
  • Injured while working as a delivery person
  • Injured while visiting Southern California and involved in a crash
  • Any other bike or cycle related accident, crash, or injury